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Wandering Rocks is an online reading collective/social media experience/support group that is reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. We began on June 16th, 2009, to commemorate the single day Ulysses depicts, June 16th, 1904. We stalled in September. We resume on Bloomsday, 2010. We will resume where we left off…page 219. Here is the new plan.

Participation is open to all. Participation involves following one-day-at-a-time one-tweet summaries of each page of Ulysses.

The reboot of the project will rely heavily on the Wandering Rocks Twitter account… follow it immediately.

Here’s are the collected one-tweet summaries of each page of Ulysses.

Here’s a complete list of our Ulysses reviews and funmaries (fun + summaries… get it?)

Since Joyce uses events from Homer’s Odyssey to structure Ulysses, it really helps to familiarize yourself with those events. To enable this familiarization, Ben Vore, Jerry Grit, Mark Hoobler, Tad Smith, Andrew Cashmere, and Brooke Jackson tag-team wrote Odyssey Funmaries… fun summaries of Homer’s epic! … at the breakneck pace of one per day. It was our countdown to Bloomsday and the day we begin reading Ulysses!

This is your chance to read, enjoy, and marginally understand what is often considered THE GREATEST BOOK OF ALL TIME. This will be quite a feather in your cap, in a time when cap feathers are so very hard to come by.

Join the team by becoming a fan on Facebook and following our Twitter!

Picture 49

Here are what Wandering Rocks* do!


* = The rocks depicted in this post are fictitious. Any similarity to any wandering rocks living or dead is merely coincidental.

31 Responses

  1. Who exactly contributed to the Modern Library’s “Readers List”? Glenn Beck? Tom Cruise?

    There are *four* Ayn Rand novels and *three* L. Ron Hubbard novels … IN THE TOP TEN. (!?!)

    Then Robert Heinlein and Charles de Mint finish strong with fourteen of the remaining ninety selections. This is mind-boggling.

  2. Without a doubt, it’s one of the worst lists ever. It ranks #3 on my Worst Lists Ever List, worsted only by the Paste’s “Best Albums of 2008” and the cast list from “Smokin’ Aces.”

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  26. Hello, I’ve stumbled onto your site as part of my 4th reading of Ulysses (and maybe understand a bit more of it this time round LOL). I’m doing this with Team Ulysses at DoveGrey Reader (see http://anzlitlovers.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/ulysses-by-james-joyce-disordered-thoughts-from-an-amateur/) and I don’t think I’m up to adopting a chapter as well, but I like your blog and will drop in often!

  27. Excellent, Lisa. Thanks for checking in. We’ll definitely be checking in on your progress, too…and for any ideas on how exactly to get through this thing.

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  30. […] of this chapter to Notes on James Joyce’s Ulysses  written by Gerry Carlin & Mair Evans; Wandering Rocks and if desperate,  Ulysses for Dummies. (Thanks to Brendan at the JoycePortal for […]

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