Dear Wandering Rockers…

Dear Wandering Rockers,

I am sorry. I got a job. A real adult-type kinda job. Managing Wandering Rocks in its previous incarnation was untenable. I have lived in shame ever since, a shame unmitigated by an expensive cocaine habit (an expensive cocaine that I can now afford, thank you very much). I haven’t looked at this page in seven months. I could not bare it.

I am also brave. Because now I can bare it. And because I will bring back Wandering Rocks.

The Wandering Rocks project will resume, but it will not be like it was. We will be trimmer, slower, more Twitter-based.

Just know… we will start where we left off. Page 219 (fittingly, the first page of the “Wandering Rocks” episode). And we will start (again) on Bloomsday, June 16.

More details will follow on the new vision of Wandering Rocks. Trust me, you will be very pleased

Get excited. More importantly, get caught up.


Jerry Grit

NEXT POST: All 218 Twreads!

16 Responses

  1. Hooray! Welcome back.

  2. Glad you’re back – let me know if I can help. I’m excited about Bloomsday – doing my first Ulysses public reading, from the Sirens episode, at a local library.

  3. yeek…a public reading of sirens? won’t you have to sing half that thing?

    i cede my self-awarded bravery button to you, my friend.

  4. Hey, Jerry–
    1– I’m still on board if you want me.
    2– I’m co-hosting a podcast where we talk about all kinds of culture and pop-culture. Since you’re going all multi-media this time, any chance you’d want to come on and discuss the Wandering Rocks project sometime? Here’s the rss feed:
    –Lizaanne (I’m Lillibet on the podcast– it’s a long story 😉

    • lizaanne–

      of course i want you onboard. i felt like i let you down, though. you were so good to us.

      i turfed out. you always turfed in.

      let’s wait on that podcast thing, to see if WR 2.0 gets its feet. also, please know that i don’t know anything. prepare for awkward silences. or perhaps simulated fart sounds to fill the awkward silences. your call.

      • Thanks.
        stuff and nonesense. Work overwhelms us all. (You should SEE the piles of grading I’ve got to do in the next 11 days!– then freedom! and Ulysses, too)

        Fair enough. You see, that’s the beauty of editing, though– awkward silences can be made to sound like calm and scholarly pauses for thought 😉

  5. I am on board too, assuming I’ll be had.

    I can’t imagine tackling parenthood without all of Ulysses under my belt.

    • on what grounds can i be selective? i had the cream of the crop and it curdled. now it’s just the dregs. but dregs that will get it done.

      but seriously, you’re going to raise a child without having read Ulysses? that’s embarrassing. good luck meeting your child’s adoring gaze.

  6. Okay, I’m ready, too.
    And excited.
    But this time, promise to take it easy this time on those of us who haven’t already read it twice and written a thesis about it!

  7. Please Jerry. “Bare” it. Bare it all for us.

    Oh, but I really came over here to say that I’m in. I somehow never read Ulysses and, as a result, cannot meet my child’s gaze. She can’t talk yet, but I’m pretty sure her crying has something to do with how well read I am not. So I need to get to page 219 by then? What edition? Or, since I’m not actually going to buy a different edition than the one I already own (presuming I can find it) what chapter?

    • i can’t bare it, now. it’s so naughty, i have to keep it hid.

      get to the “wandering rocks” episode, page 219 of the complete and unabridged vintage edition, reset in 1961.

      it will be such a joy to have you and your prissy cracks at my hasty writing. low blow!

  8. The crack, prissy or not, is just one part we’re all waiting to see bared. The “wandering rocks,” presumably, are another.

  9. All right. A little later than I’d intended, I’m starting on Ulysses. I doubt I’ll be “caught up” by the time you resume, but I trust the page-a-day process will allow me to get there eventually.

    Because of the haste with which I am trying to catch up, I’ve eschewed all annotations–except for the Wandering Rocks tweets and comments and funmaries. I find that sometimes I get lost in the obscurity of the allusions; sometimes I get lost in the obscurity of the narrative style; sometimes I get lost in the poetic beauty of the prose; and sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all under control.

    It’s the last case that I worry about the most…

    • I appreciate your reliance on Wandering Rocks to guide you through the Scylla and Charybdis of Joyce’s language and allusions. Not sure I’d recommend it, but God bless you, sir.

  10. […] we pooh-poohed his free music, we intend to take Eric Bescak up on his invitation to get back on the Ulysses wagon. With Bloomsday just around the corner, Eric has taken Wandering Rocks — the Ulysses online […]

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