Folks, we are on the brink of the beginning. We are less than a week away from the start of our fantastic voyage into James Joyce’s Ulysses.

The question is: R U ready?

Are you ready to take on what has sent so many away with their tails between their legs?

Our answer is: Yes.

If you’ve been following the blog (or once you’ve caught up),  you are more than well prepared to read Joyce’s masterwork. By participating in the online discussions once we begin, you will gain a tremendous amount of insight and consolation.

This will be like no other reading experience you’ve ever had.  

However, in order to make the most of it, we need to build up as large of a crew as we can. The strategy will be to go into this thing with as many people as possible. And we need your help.

The Challenge: Bring in at least one new Wandering Rocks participant in the next 6 days. 

If you’re a parent, get your kid to read. (It’ll make explaining human sexuality a breeze!) If you’re working, rope in a co-worker. (Preferably, an assistant…use your ill-gotten status for good!) If you walk the streets, loudly mutter about it loudly. (We do!)

Think of it as a pyramid scheme, but one in which everybody wins. And wins big.

Picture 23Wandering Rocks: Unsustainable with fun!

So, in the few days we have ahead of us, we fervently urge you to recruit. Bring up Wandering Rocks during awkward silences. Use it to impress that cute person you’ve always wanted to talk to. Proudly hold aloft your Vintage edition of Ulysses for all to see. 

The more people we have, the better this will be. Just like an orgy*. (Only one where everyone is reading!)


* = Administrator’s Note: This is Ben’s contribution.**

** = Ben’s Note: This is only the most recent of countless attempts by Jerry Grit to slander me. Shame on him.