Odyssey Funmaries … THE REVISED SCHEDULE!

A quarter of the way through, popularity for the funmaries is through the roof! And folks are hungry for a piece of the action. We are scheduled to have 4 new contributors to our fun review of Homer’s Odyssey in preparation for our reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Tad, Mark Hoobler (deuce!), Andrew Sweeney, and Brooke (it’s a lady!) have all volunteered their reviews of key events in the Odyssey. Here’s the revised schedule with our new funmarizers, but with the same ridiculous color scheme! 

Picture 1

Write a funmary…

You won’t know how fun they are until you do!


* = You can still write one of Ben or Jerry’s Funmaries. Just let us know! Jerry’s totally freaking out!

** = Don’t expect much here.


5 Responses

  1. Who is this Andrew Sweeney character? He sounds like a real douchebag.

  2. Oops. Did I reveal the douchebag behind the wizard’s curtain?

  3. Why do all of Ben’s friends have a psuedonym? You dont see me making up names or identi- er, …uh. Nevermind.

    I am glad to see whatever software you are using rejects my surname as invalid. I am in good company with ol’ Teley.

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