Process Comment: Pacing


When you break it down to it’s most simple level, therapy is about change. A person is doing or feeling or something they don’t like and would like to change what they are doing or feeling. The different theoretical orientations (Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Humanistic) conceptualize how to bring about change differently, but all aim to help the client change. During therapy, client and therapist talk about what the client is doing or feeling and how to bring about change, but occasionally things get stuck and the therapist needs to make a comment about the process of change. I like process comments. They are fun and usually lead somewhere interesting.

All of us fall into one of two groups. Either we have not read Ulysses or do not appreciate it as much as we would like. We are in the process of changing those conditions. Here is a process comment: the pace at which we are reading Ulysses feels really fast. Really, really fast. In fact, I think I have whiplash. I was struggling to keep up until Friday. Then I went out of town for a wedding, came back this afternoon, and now I feel completely lost and that I’ll never catch up. I can’t even keep up with the comments. And we haven’t even finished the first week. And holy shit, you people know a lot more about what is going on than me.

I’m not saying we need to slow down. If everyone else is comfortable than I’ll just learn to deal with it, but I would feel better if at least one other person feels like the dumb kid in class right now. Anyone else feel dumb? (sound of crickets)

UPDATE: Administrator’s Note on “Process Comment: Pacing”

I was saving this for a moment of crisis…

Picture 15

Yes, that’s Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses, and look how far she is!

Let this be encouragement to you all. Whether reading poolside in bikinis, Grand Canyon-side in climbing boots, or post-wedding with a completely inappropriate cognitive therapy theoretical orientation, if Marilyn can do it on a merry-go-round, you can too.


13 Responses

  1. Andy, you are not alone. Erin Voreblog spent Tuesday catching up on the reading at the pool. When I say catching up, I mean, reading pages 2 – 36. A few of the things I took away from that experience:
    *Why do I understand more Latin sayings than English?
    *What the what?
    *I should probably be doing more homework by reading the annotations, funmaries, and comments like a dedicated participant.
    *Should we name our first-born Ulysses? Ulysses Grit Vore? Ulysses Cashmere Vore? Ulysses Leathers Vore?
    *Maybe someone who chooses to read Ulysses in a polka-dot bikini at the Blue Ash YMCA shouldn’t, in fact, be reading Ulysses at all.
    *Sure glad Ben and I didn’t meet the same way Joyce and his wife met!
    *Ulysses Leather Vore has a nice ring.
    *Who wants local chicken tonight? Woohoo!

  2. I, too, feel like we’re going pretty fast. I have never read Ulysses and have to do a good bit of re-reading throughout this process. Also, for some reason the links on that annotations page don’t pull up on my Mac (anyone else have that problem?) and because I have been too lazy to get the hard copy of the annotations, I have been forced to employ google about 5x a page. While this has been working out surprisingly well, it is also painfully slow.

    The summer is usually quite busy. I know many of my weekends are shot, including the coming one. I am supposed to be funmarizing (though it’s not going to be fun for you or me, I promise) the 5th chapter and I will not be able to tackle it at the pace of Grit/Vore. In fact, I know I won’t even be able to look at it till Monday because I’m out of town for a wedding this weekend.

    So I am saying that I’m going to have to slow this train down for my chapter. I hope everyone is ok with that. I know it sounds lame to say that I can’t find time every day to commit to this but I truly can’t. Plus, it’s summer. Let’s have a little fun in the sun, people.

    That being said, I’m really liking this process and greatly appreciate having people, who understand the book better than I do and who can reference other works far more easily than I can, helping me along the way. But I agree with Andrew that we should perhaps slow it down a notch.

  3. This explains why our copy of Ulysses feels greasy and smells of sunblock.

  4. I second Katie. I’m really enjoying this process and having other knowledgeable people on whom to lean. I will admit to reading ahead, mostly to keep from falling behind. As I’m not working at the moment, I happen to have the time, but I’m quite happy to work at a slower pace, since that’s what seems to be the consensus. I’ve got part 4 (intro to Bloom, which really is much better than pt 3– lots less Latin, more oogling girls).

  5. Thank you to Erin Voreblog and Katie Else for their support and words of encouragement. I look forward to Katie Else slowing down the pace this week. I might even catch up and comment!

    Thank you to Jerry Grit for a picture of Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses. The next time someone is having trouble understanding what is going on in Ulysses, I’m sure he will pull out a picture of Lindsay Lohan reading through Bloomsday Book on a Slip-N-Slide. Lindsay Lohan understands the book, why don’t you people? Also, I would love to know what a more appropriate theoretical orientation would be.

  6. One idea we could steal from our infinitesummer rivals is a rotating schedule wherein three or four people could share an episode. For example, we could take the next open chapter, split it between five people, then have everyone cover it over the course of a week. That way it’s less intimidating and no one is getting sucked into a Ulysses black hole for days at a time.

  7. Speaking of black holes, someone left a present for me in the toilet this morning. Care to share with the group, B?

  8. I thought this enterprise was supposed to be of the refined, highbrow sort. I don’t know how my wife got invited. My apologies to the group.

  9. […] About Wandering Rocks ← Process Comment: Pacing […]

  10. If anyone is still feeling behind – this is where I’m at today, exactly three weeks behind. My life is a mess, you’re all beating me!!

  11. it’s not a contest. it’s a funtest. blerg.

  12. I’m (still) behind by about a chapter and I’m the next to twread/funmarize. I will need a few more days before I start. I hope that helps.

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