Introducing … ADOPT-AN-EPISODE!


Odyssey Funmaries #16 is being delayed one day. Tad Smith is being overwhelmed by the Scylla of traveling and the Charybdis of family obligation. Don’t worry, we’ll make the 16th.

But this is gives us all an opportunity to think to ourselves on the brink of the beginning, “Have I put my Best Foot forward?” 

Have you brought in new readers? Are you prepared?

Go to the mirror and look hard. Real hard. What do you see?

Picture 37Me, too!

If you see a lion, you have won. If you don’t see a lion, yell at what you do see. Ask why it’s not a lion. And beg for it to do better to become a lion. 

And then, think about this … in order to spread the wealth once we get start on Tuesday, I am posing that we each adopt an episode in Ulysses. For whichever episode you adopt, you will set the pace for the reading and initiate the discussion on the blog. It will be your show, however, we will all be along to help and contribute. 

I’ve created a new multicolored Adopt-An-Episode table with my space-age table-making technology. I’ll take the first episode to serve as a kind of an example (which you will be under no obligation to follow).  

Picture 38

I will ask for you to do the same, to adopt an episode. Pick whichever one appeals to you. First to claim it, gets it. Just post a comment below.

We should have just enough readers to have a different parent for each episode. Which would be awesome.

Roar like a lion, adopt an episode!


23 Responses

  1. I will thank my household gods tonight for this reprieve in the Herculean task of funmarizing 3 entire books of this epic! Truly Tad and I deserve a Nobel prize for blogging(which btw, Homer and Joyce never won. (for blogging or literature)). I am sure Ben & Jerry are sitting around smoking Lotus leaves, making colored tables and listening to Pavement…
    “Hey do you think we should use fuscia for this column?”
    “Hey Man, put in Slanted & Enchanted.”

  2. Oh, I will do Proteus, I guess.

    Also, Ben can confirm this, someone came into the store yesterday asking if an ‘illustrated’ edition of the new Dan Brown will be released simultaneously with the text-only version. Apparently the complexities of Mr. Brown’s prose are only alleviated for this person by visual summary.
    I demurred in inviting her to join our little reading collective.

    • Proteus is yours.

      You should be inviting everyone who comes into the store to join. Hasn’t Ben set up a commission plan for this yet?

      • I can confirm this incident. Unbeknownst to Mr. Hoobler, however, was that this customer was Jerry’s mom.

    • This is great. I was thinking we should post the music of Ulysses as we come upon it throughout the reading. This will be useful!

  3. I will take the Episode 11, Sirens.

  4. You got it, bunny. That AllMusic link Mark posted as some audio clips of Ulysses-relevant music and some insight into the “literary fugue” Joyce attempts in the Sirens episode.

    Thanks, Mark!

  5. I’ll take Eumaeus. And potentially some others after everyone else signs up.

  6. I’ll take Oxen of the Sun just to be consistent. Have we decided what the pacing will be yet?

  7. I appologize for my general suckiness at keeping up with the blog. I will take Chapter 6, Hades. I hope it’s not hard. I will take on more if needed. once everyone has chosen theirs.

  8. Excellent! Your adoptions have been approved and notarized.

    And Katie, you have nothing to fear!

  9. B Voreblog will take Nestor for fear that he might be in a straitjacket (or afflicted with Restless Leg Syndrome) by the time a later episode rolls around.

    E Voreblog will chime in later.

    Jerry, why don’t you call me “Bunny” anymore?

  10. […] Adopt-An-Episode Update: We’re only have a little over a third of the episodes in Ulysses adopted. Please find it in your heart to become a parent! […]

  11. I may be going mad… Can I take on the challenge of parenthood? Hardly the wisest decision is to plunge in blindly …

    With this in mind, could I adopt the twelfth episode, good old Cyclops?


  12. I will take Circe as well….

    • Are you sure? That chapter is seriously a monster. It’s the longest, and strangest. (Check it out.) I wrote my thesis on that chapter, so I was thinking it might be something I should do. But then, it was 10 years ago and the thesis was terrible. Can we do this one together?

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  14. […] NEXT UP: The orphaned “Proteus”! What kind of monster would fail to adopt this poor child?* […]

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