Announcing Odyssey Funmaries … BEGINNING MAY 29th!


Picture 18 In order to get AMPED for day 1 of our Ulysses reading project (launching in 26 days!) Ben Vore and I thought it would be pretty rad to reread Homer’s Odyssey (specifically, the Fagles translation). And while we’re rereading, we’ll blog about it! Sound cool?

Ben and I will tag-team write summaries, alternating authorship, focusing only on the 18 books Joyce used for each chapter of Ulysses. We’ll use Joyce’s chapters as the template and elucidate on those characters/events from The Odyssey that will frame our reading of Ulysses.

If all goes to plan, we will finish these summaries the day before we begin Ulysses on June 16th. It’ll be our countdown to Bloomsday! 

And I mean, it will literally be like an eighties-era WWF tag team writing these things…like two muscled mullet dudes in tight matching spandex underwear sitting down to a computer, trying to find something to say about antiquity’s greatest epic poem.

Picture 15The Killer Bees: “Jumping” Jim Brunzell and B.Brian Blair (WWE)

“Jumping” Jim sez, “Odysseus is going to kick suitor ass!”

In order to lessen the burden the task, we’ve decided to focus on the more fun aspects of the Odyssey. So instead of lame plot summaries and banal commentary (where you can get anywhere in these internets), we’re giving you…that’s right…FUNmaries. We’ll be angling for laughs and joy, not insight!

If you would like to contribute a funmary or two, that would be awesome! But not as awesome as these guys…

Picture 16The Midnight Rockers: Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty (AWA)

Marty sez, “No one can beat the Toxic Telemachus Torso Flip!”   

Odyssey Funmaries Begin Next Thursday, May 28th Friday, May 29th!

We Read Page 1 of Ulysses on Tuesday, June 16th!

Join the team!

And check out this tag team gallery. Holy moly.






6 Responses

  1. There is no way I can live up to looking that good in yellow & gold spandex underwear.

  2. Dude, I worried about that, too. And then, I took a step back, closed my eyes, and imagined what you would look like in yellow & gold spandex. True, you didn’t look as good as B. Brian, but you did look pretty good. Made me hungry!

  3. Packing up my Odysssey (Fitzgerald trans., sorry.) to take to the lake with family.

    Either completely dedicated to making it through this entire project or just a sad, sad life.

    Maybe I should get all ambitious, and pack Portrait as well……

  4. Hardly sad! Pack’em both! And tag-team’em!

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